Hot Destinations for 2018

Hot Destinations

Hot Destinations for 2018 Wondering where to go in 2018?  Here is a list of the hot destinations to go to and the time of year to go as well.  I have been to all of these hot destinations except

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Where to go on an African Safari

African Safari

Nicole LaBarge got her first taste for travel when she was 16 years old.  Ever since then she has been hooked and calls herself a travel-holic. She believes you can travel and have a career and she is halfway to

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Lake Nakuru National Park

This was by far the best safari I did in Kenya at Lake Nakuru.  We saw rhinos, lions, water buffalo, giraffes and everything but the elusive leopard.  If you are keeping track that makes 4 of the big 5 that

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My epic overland trip from Cairo to Cape Town

Cairo to Cape Town

My Cairo to Cape Town journey through 15 countries in East Africa. In 2015 I flew to Cairo to start my 19 week overland trip from Cairo to Cape Town.  This was the adventure of a lifetime driving overland from Cairo in

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Kandy and the tea plantations of Sri Lanka

One of the highlights of my time in Sri Lanka was visiting the central region of Kandy and the tea plantations.  Not only because it didn’t rain that day (seriously we had some of the hardest downpours ever while I

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Countries I’ve visited

Here is a list of countries I have visited.  I’m on a journey to visit all 193 UN Nations.  There are a couple of extra countries that people add to this list such as Kosovo, Vatican City and Palestine.  

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