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Ethiopia – visiting the tribes of the Omo Valley


Moment 15/50 – Ethiopia While in the Omo Valley Ethiopia we attended a wedding ceremony of the Hamer Tribe where the groom must prove his worth and jump over four bulls lined up. He must go back and forth three

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Lord of the Flies – Simien Mountains Ethiopia

simien mountains

Moment 14/50 – Simien Mountains, Ethiopia On our way to the Simien Mountains  in Ethiopia we stopped on the side of the road to make lunch and before we knew it all these boys came out of the woods and

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Gelada Baboon

gelada baboon

Moment 13/50 – Ethiopia The bleeding heart monkey is indigenous to Ethiopian in the Simien Mountains.  Actually a monkey and not a baboon they live on the side of the mountains.  These monkeys are absolutely stunning to see in person

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2am wake up call in Gondar


Moment 12/50 – Gondar, Ethiopia Of course we arrived in Gondar on the one day of the year that they are celebrating – Name of Holiday. This holiday is the one day of the year that the Christian Church chants

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Yummo – Ethiopian Food is delicious

ethiopian food

Moment 11/50 – Ethiopian food After spending a month in Ethiopia I can confidently say I tried all types of Ethiopian food and it was all delicious. From our morning smoothies in Gondar made of mango, avocado and lime to

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Lost in Lalibela

Moment 10/50 – Ethiopia Claire, Jacq and I explored the rock churches of Lalibela.  It was an afternoon filled with laughter as we tried to find our way around the maze that is the rock churches.  You are literally going

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Sandstorm in the middle of the desert in Sudan


Moment 9/50 – Sudan My pictures of Gebel Barkal, Sudan are so sad. We visited the site in the middle of a sandstorm so the photos are grainy and saturated. But the site like all of the sites we saw in

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My first time riding a camel

Moment 8/50 – Sudan When we woke in the middle of the dessert outside Meroe I was excited for the day and to see the pyramids. After breakfast we headed to the pyramids and our friends and their camels followed

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Karnak Temple, Egypt

Moment 7/50 – Egypt Karnak Temple is an open air museum in Luxor, Egypt. There are 134 columns that are massive to see. The temple entrance has these rows of rams guarding the entrance. This was one of my favourite

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How not to get arrested in Egypt

Moment 6/50 – Egypt The valley of the kings is the area where all of the Kings were buried inside tombs carved into the side of a mountain. Your ticket allows you to enter three tombs. I went and visited

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